Charles NyanGiti

For first flavors me account: I’m immersed in web designing most of my adult life from front-end web developer to present, I have more than ten years of professional experience in the design industry.

As the the part-owner of our web design and development company, I am particularly interested in creating custom great end-user experience for small businesses, with main attention to blog themes design and implementation.

I also spend a lot of time blogging on many topics, my blogs are open not prohibition to selected readers only (apply now if interested in practice, but you need to show your interest to me first, why you are interest in web design and my blogs). My topics for blog are mostly web, social media, web design, supreme sports, and so many more.

I grow up in many places like northern Hanoi of Vietnams, San Francisco district California, some college and temporary training in Louisville Kentucky and Chicago Illinois and Portsmouth Ohio. I love nature so growing up in Asia was great and expenses I loved to court beaches and taking photos of mountains and my interest in web design continued like this. I have some college web design training but most of my experience is working with great people in the companies before many years. I like appellate art and design and Ever since I can remember, I’ve always held an interest for art and design, and architecture by Fazlur Khan director especially (see my photos in Flickr and Vimeo videos). I spend too much time on computers but also I play many sports and I go weekly fishing many times in the month, and hunting too.

So I like web design, publishing, property,  social networking, sports, newspapers, visiting architectural history buildings and cities and producing ideas for notice websites and clients. This is what I was made to do. I am blessed in this interest.

Interest is in web visual experience, digital culture and interaction of social media like twitter, facebook, storify, vimeo, professional linkedin, pinterest, posterous and many more, Interests in editing media, design, music,  (Hồ Ngọc Hà, Keith Urban, Harry Fraud and others like rock), art, nature, architecture. Automated web blogging and updating of sites. Fan of Fazlur Khan who engineered Willis Tower in Chicago Illinois. Full biography, live blogging and socializing at Also for meetings I'm available usually at Vietnam Kitchen on Mitscher Avenue or Ri Ra Irish Pub (best taste of Ireland) on South 4th Street.

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